Sun City Summerlin Community Association, Inc.

Policies & Procedures

Bylaw Change Procedure

Document 1.5.1.a

Election Committee  


The following procedure is to be followed in processing changes to the Bylaws of Sun City Summerlin Community Association, Inc.


Any Director, Standing Committee or Staff Member may initiate a change to the Bylaws. (Homeowners may recommend proposed changes to any of the above. It should also be noted that Article 11.1 of the Bylaws allows homeowners to call for a meeting to consider a change by submitting a petition signed by at least 5% of the voting members)


The Person or committee proposing the change shall:


1.             Obtain the latest amended / revised version of the Bylaws to be changed from the SCSCAI Executive Assistant.

2.             Mark up the latest version to clearly identify the proposed change.

3.             Prior to any review, the administrative staff shall insure the proposed changes are delineated using a word processor, including the use of a change-tracking method that permits viewing of the new and replaced text. If it is a complete rewrite, provide both versions.

If appropriate, have the Standing Committee that has jurisdiction on the proposed change review and comment with proposed changes.


Request Legal Services Committee (LSC) Chairman to review and comment with proposed change to insure change is consistent with other governing documents and NRS 116. The LSC Chairman will determine if LSC Committee or sub-committee review is necessary.


After appropriate standing committee review and comment, the proposed change, including a summary explanation on the purpose for the change, is to be placed on the BOD agenda by the Board member sponsoring the change. The first BOD meeting is for discussion and at a subsequent meeting for a BOD motion for a recommendation to be accepted by the BOD and sent to homeowners for approval via a written ballot vote.    SEE POLICIES AND PROCEDURES 1.7.5.


SCSCAI Administration shall insure, per article 11.1 of the SCSCAI Bylaws, that written notice is given to members at least 30 days but not more than 50 days prior to the meeting at which the change will be considered. This meeting is the meeting at which the ballots will be counted and must be properly noticed.


SCSCAI Administration, working with responsible individual for the change, shall insure the election committee prepares a ballot including the summary explanation. These documents shall be posted on the SCSCAI bulletin Boards.


SCSCAI Administration will insure ballots get mailed to members either via the Link or directly by US mail.


The Election committee will count the ballots and determines outcome of the vote at a membership meeting called for this purpose. Voting Procedures outlined in Article IV of the SCSCAI Bylaws apply.


Upon membership approval, Administration shall send a revised version of the affected document to all homeowners within 30 days of approval so that all Bylaw documents can be updated. (NRS 116.12065)


The SCSCAI Executive Assistant shall insure the master copy of the Bylaws is updated and the change is incorporated exactly as approved. The SCSCAI Secretary (BOD Member) shall certify the Bylaw Change.


The SCSCAI Administrative Staff shall insure that the latest certified update to the SCSCAI Bylaws is the version provided as part of the Governing Document package for home resale transactions.







9 Mar 2005

Initial Draft


14 March 2005

Initial Review by BOD


25 Apr 2006

Approval by BOD


28 Jul 2008

Revision Approved by BOD